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Time for a Close Shave: Professional Tips & Techniques

man lathering for shaveI get calls and questions daily from my men and women clients and would-be clients about shaving.

Questions like: “what kind of razor should I use?”, “which lather, aftershave conditioner and lotions do you recommend?” and, of course, “why do I have razor burn and irritation?”

I usually start by directing them to an article on my always informative and entertaining Ann Arbor Barber Blog: “Shave Like a Girl”

woman shaving legsWhile that article addresses some of the questions, I was thinking that this might be a good time to provide a little more information and give you my recommendations on proper shaving and trimming techniques. In other words, you might benefit from a “Shave like a Pro” class.

I am available for individualized classes to show you how to properly shave your beard, legs, whatever. We’ll talk about razor selection and foam/cream/gel options, how to properly prepare your skin for shaving, determining the growth direction of your hair, proper shaving techniques and post-shave skin care.

The cost? Only $30 for a session that will definitely leave you with smoother shaves, healthier skin and a better look! All you need to bring is your current razor with a fresh blade – I’ll provide the rest.

Give me a call at 734.274.9556, send a message via the form at the right of this page or just ask me next time you’re in the shop and we can work out a time for the next “Shave like a Pro” class.

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