Hair growing where it shouldn’t be?

man with excessive ear and nose hairAs a stylist I see this daily, both from clients in my chair or just being out and about. I’m talking about unwanted hair growing out of the nose (and sometimes on it) and ears. Guys, hair growing out of your ears and nose is not manly — it’s, well, gross.

Yes, hair in the nose has a function. It filters out dust and other unwanted particles from entering the lungs through the nasal cavity. Ear hair, though, is pretty much useless.

It only takes a few seconds to trim that unwanted nose hair. Your barber should take care of this for you with a small electric clipper. You can also buy a home trimmer that will trim the hair back without the risk of injuring the inside of the nose. There are lots of little blood vessels inside your nose and you’ll bleed for a while if you nick one.

Or, if you’re brave or masochistic you can pluck them out with a tweezer if you don’t mind the pain, tearing eyes, sneezing, and even bleeding that sometimes occurs. If you choose this route, make sure you use an antiseptic on a cotton swab after — this will help prevent infection or painful ingrown hairs.

Enough with the nose, let’s talk ears. Guys, hair growing inside or around the outer ear in men is another turn-off to all the women in your life. Take care of it.

barber singeing ear hairI had an instructor in school that would use a straight razor to shave the hair from the ears. This is known as the “van Gogh method”. Then there is the Turkish barber that uses fire to singe the hair. No, don’t ask me to try this on your next visit.

Here in the States your hair stylist should take care of ear hair for you either with a small electric clipper or it can be waxed for a longer-lasting result. Again, if you are doing this yourself be very careful not to cut or nick the ear — as any haircutter knows, the tiniest nick on an ear will bleed like crazy (and significantly lower your tips).

Here’s my advice: don’t be afraid to have your barber help you clean up your act and get rid of that unsightly ear and nose hair. It’s quick and easy. The ladies in your life will appreciate it and who knows… you might just get lucky.

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