A New Year’s Resolution: Thinning Hair Treatment

DS Labs Spectral RSOne thing about having so many long-time clients is that we’ve seen some hairlines “advance to the rear” over the years. At Shear Paradise we always adjust our hairstyling to our clients’ natural hair patterns. But if this is the year that you want to investigate a thinning hair treatment, we strongly recommend the Spectral line of hair salon products from DS Laboratories.

DS Labs devotes painstaking R&D effort in developing their hair salon products and they have some of the most innovative treatments available today. The products combine minoxidil, ion-channel openers, 5-alpha-reductase, amino acids, botanicals, retinol, hair nutrition minerals – in short, probably the most comprehensive treatments you can find.

Whatever is in them, I know first-hand that they work. The treatments protect against damage, slow the progression of hair loss, improve hair follicle and scalp health, and grow hair longer, thicker, and faster than any other salon product.

So if this is the year that you want to start with a thinning hair treatment, let’s take some time on your next visit to look at what might be right for you.

Oh yes, and Happy New Year!

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