Viva Las Vegas!

I just returned from Las Vegas. Needless to say it’s a very entertaining place – people watching, flying down Freemont Street on the zip line and the Cirque Du Soleil shows. Very cool.

Elvis impersonator Las Vegas SignI did see Elvis, lots of them (Elvii?) in all age ranges, heights and weights. And for a buck or two you can have a picture taken with them along with other, ahem, interesting characters you run into.

I saw every hair style you can possibly imagine on both men and women, and the trend seemed to be bright, attention-getting hair color on both. Not sure if or when that trend will make it to Ann Arbor. Stay tuned, I guess.

MirrorI had an interesting observation at the hotel. Our suite had a shaving mirror attached to the glass tile in the shower. Apparently they read my “Shave like a Girl” blog post from a few weeks ago. Now if I could only get a rainshower showerhead for the shower and a nice LCD TV in my bathroom I’ll feel like I’m in Vegas every morning… NOT! Yep, Las Vegas is a very fun place and I can see another trip there in my future.

Speaking of previous blog posts: I had a few responses from the “Hair growing where it shouldn’t be?” blog post. That’s why I write this blog, to get you all talking! One lady pointed out that women have unwanted hair in their nose as well (something I didn’t mention) and they should not be embarrassed about asking the stylist to give that some attention. So, ladies, please don’t hesitate to ask me about wax hair removal from chin and upper lip areas as well as trimming of nasotrichianose hair. Waxing doesn’t take long and I always have the wax warm and ready to go at the salon.

Did you know that in the movie Viva Las Vegas the musical number where Elvis sings Viva Las Vegas in its entirety is performed in one single unedited shot – it is the only known example of such a performance in Elvis’s illustrious movie career. Viva Las Vegas!

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